he strangles himself in thoughts and cheap cigarettes amongst old art and shattered dreams I drown myself in alcohol and naive sex every weekend with boys who want me as much as he want life they see my naked skin but they don’t see me only my desire to be loved they don’t know me, know him, know us and least of all they don’t know the look of bitterness and the poor aftertaste in my mouth

5 day - your dreams

dear dreams

guide me through the dark and

stay there ‘till morning comes

yours truly

4 day - your sibling

dear sister

I love you to infinity

and only you

3 day - your parents

dear mother

I woke up one morning and believed you loved me. With my cold feet burning underneath the white duvet and the smell of homemade french toast kissing my nose. but the way you stroked my hair and told me I was good enough, did not exist. 

I woke up one morning and believed I missed you. the scent of mother on your pillowcase and your bloody recordings of dr. phil. but I also remember the car in the parking lot when it rained from the sky and raindrops fell from my eyes. you gave me up.

I woke up one morning and believed I loved you. but he touched me and you let him. and you let him stay and threw me at the gate. I cannot love you mother I do not love you anymore. 

yours truly

your daughter

2 day - your crush

Dear you

it’s been a week. you talked about a trip to go see our sisters and then you kissed me and lit a cigarette and kissed me some more. I never saw it coming, I guess you’re that kind of person. it’s been a week. a friend of yours told me you’ve liked me since that night where you called me a bomb, and I went home with another guy, regretful of my actions, cause truly, well, I guess I’ve already spoiled it, haven’t I? it’s been a week. and now you suddenly text me talking crazy. they say you’re bad, but maybe that’s just about good enough for me.


1 day - your best friend

Dear best friend

you believe in me and I’m grateful

you’re precious and I’m only trying

I’m scared, but you allow me to dream

And when I’ll make it, we’ll make it

and you can sleep on my couch and I can pay for our dinners, I promise

yours truly

You MUST  write a letter to each  Tumblr 30 Day Letter Challenge.

kind of doing this challenge, to be cliché and bad and I’ve been gone for so long, that I forgot to live and write and think. but I do hope someone will read it and hate it and appreciate it and maybe even like it. 

a letter to you

chacharell said: Your blog is so cool

wow thanks a lot!